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I am the mighty Vulcan bomber flying high in the sky

I am a vulcan bomber flying high in the sky I flew in the Falklands war with great pride   as my engines roar the crowds start to sing as they see this the pride of british engineering   one … Continue reading

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When you make your wish today

When you make your wish today I will come from far away   to be your hope and your guiding star shining brightly from afar   washing all your tears away bringing happiness into your day   when you feel … Continue reading

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I want shine like a golden star

I want to shine like a golden star standing out from afar   spreading light for all to see spreading joy and harmony   taking all the sadness away bringing happiness into people’s days   from a distance faraway reaching … Continue reading

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Dancing through the heavens

Dance through the heavens and dance with joy sing forever and smile forever more   open your heart and let romance begin destiny is for you with your eyes sparkling   let their be love and romance today heaven is … Continue reading

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Floating about on a breeze

  As I drift across the vast ocean  of sea floating about on the breeze gazing up at the heavens above   wind rushing through my hair with out a worry thought or care   drifting about aimlessly in the … Continue reading

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you sing a song and recite pure poetry

you sing a song and recite pure poetry whilst people sit by and watch you sing   you preach words of reason and rhyme under the beautiful moonlit sky   surrounded by highland scenery the beautiful glens and their history … Continue reading

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At rainbows end i will wait for you

At rainbows end i will wait for you with an open heart  to welcome you   to welcome you into my life here to stay on this journey in life it will never be the same   as with you … Continue reading

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We can all dream romantically

I am looking for something to inspire me to bring about happiness for all to see   to take you on a journey through life to-day to show you wonders which will amaze   to bring about joy laughter and … Continue reading

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I whisper from my heart my love each day

I whisper from my heart my thoughts my love and share my tenderness with the one I love   I lay close with you by my side at end of the evening before i say goodnight drawing you close I … Continue reading

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If i could help a friend in their time of need

If I could help a friend in their time of need I would take away the sadness they grieve   I would lift them up make them tall that they would cry their sadness no more   I would put … Continue reading

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