So silently she whispers her love to me

so silently she whispers, she whispers her love to me

not like a bird but humming bee she gently moves,moves around me

pollenting our love so beautifully


collecting it she gathers it each day making sweet love along the way

what can I think what can I say our beautiful love is here to stay


humming around just like a bee her sweet music is so loving to me

so loving to me is her humming each day

while she pollenates our love once again


Its so sweet just like honey as  she kisses me

and pollenates away collecting our love each beautiful day


I wondered if she was a queen bee as she disappears off at tea

but back again she comes too me humming around like bumble bee

pollentating her love for me much sweeter than taste of pure honey


as she kisses me and hums away her  my love will always be like sweet honey

so silently she whipsers ,she whispers to me

her love to me not like a bird but humming bee 

gently she moves , moves around me pollentating her love so beautifully  for me.

About 4valentines4words4poetry4you

Iam male in late 40s quite happy with life .started writing this in 2010 five years later in my fifties still writing . and now writing songs too and singing has become a hobby of mine. I enjoy going out walking ,and writing words of poetry to. Sometimes i read and have fun playing stragedy type board games like sequence,the q u game and scrabble and poker. In the past i served in british forces and travelled a fair bit to,had a spell working in catering sector and for last 18 years spent working with special needs.until i got cancer in both my kidneys and lost them in 2014. Now i am a dialysis patient .How my life has changed. a few years ago i was on dating site there i found i was able to write on a forum for poetry and found from comments people made from reading thing i posted a hidden enjoyment of words which made others happy this is reason behind me setting up this blog .Iam also on under the same name.
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2 Responses to So silently she whispers her love to me

  1. thankyou dear lady thank you very much indeed.I am so glad as I write to make others happy

  2. words4jp says:

    this piece brings a smile to my face:) very sweet.

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