Well hello to everyone  you will now finding me using another name called the pompeypoet  . To all those who may read this and anyone new who enjoys reading poetic verses of rhyming  poetry and now lyrics which I am starting to write .I started writing in february 2011 on my other site www4valentines4words4poetryforyou.com  on wordpress. And after having such a great time and receiving lots of lovely comments of apreciation.And great many visitors.I thought New year, new site and to all those lovely people who know me already hope you carry on visiting my site

.And to those who don’t know me well here’s a bit history about myself .I am Kevin from City of Portsmouth ,in Hampshire  I am ex RAF and also worked with special neeeds for 18 years untill i had cancer in March 2014  and lost both of my kidneys. thanks to all the wonderful people at Queen Alexander Hospital in portsmouth  the Renal staff were amazing and saved my life and now iam a dilaysis patient..And my hobby of writing poetry started out of me being single and searching for a special lady through a dating site called Plenty of fish where they had a forum covering many subjects including poetry and I used to use my words when writing messages to lovely ladys .Then one day a couple of american poets who used the site names I cant remember now openly said you will have a book one day your name will be in lights we can see it.Well unfornately that hasn’t happened yet but the thought is being looked into .I have already written over 200 poems on my other site/blog.

Well at almost 53 years of age and many great years of life Ive recently found out I have autism after spending 18 years working with people suffering from this and not knowing I was same as them.

If I can inspire others to write and give people confidence in life to enjoy their life to be happy and to go for their dreams and goals and make the world a better place .Then this hobby off mine is worthwhile and the effort

I would have put in will be special.Hope you all enjoy this new collection of my poems and thoughts through words and rhyme.

A very special lady on WordPress whose blog is called word of god  you many  know Theresa as terri0729  is well worth visiting and reading her poetry this lovely lady is special friend from across the atlantic whom has written Karen my fiance and myself unfortunately our marriage ended after nine months so iam single again.

a very beautiful poem which will be read out on our special day in july when we get married her words are truly beautiful and we will make her proud when its read out

congratulations to this remarkable lady who in under a year has reached nearly 300,000 visits to her blog which is truely a achievement in its self.

Well as you can see now there are more songs in lyric form on here these days they might not sound right as you read them but get a tune in your head you will soon see where words are going .all these are my own works so please don not copy them or uses them.with out asking me first .I dont mind helpig people if its for good and genuine reason then i may make a excemption to this if any song writers or poets wish to do a article featureing my works or a singers wish to make contact please do as i can sing and we may be able to do something with my songs hope you all enjoy reading my blog .thankyou for all your views over the years.

13 Responses to About

  1. your lovely comments are appreciated to with many kind wishes i thank you too
    I hope your happy and smiling to day
    thank you dear Andrea come back again.

  2. Andreea Gutu says:

    Your poetry is very beautiful and inspiring 🙂 so you truly deserve it!

  3. thank you dont know what ive done to deserve this but its most kind.

  4. Andreea Gutu says:

    I have nominated your for Liebster award here:

    So now you have to do your homework and answer the questions 🙂
    Warm wishes from Bucharest!


  5. Waiting to find out i have cancer at moment

  6. hi carol well had some news which may not be good on health front waiting to find out if what i have is benine or malignant in kidney

  7. craftycaz says:

    Hi hope your keeping well its nice to read your poetry .

  8. Its Friday evening here
    hanging around in Coffee Beanery
    Any plans for the weekend?

  9. Definitely
    Is it morning there right now?
    If so, good morning mate

  10. thankyou jenny gald you enjoyed my poems hope they help and inspire you

  11. Sorry I meant gift of words

  12. Thank you Kevin for directing me to this site.
    You have a give of words
    All the best, Jenny

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